Temptress Nyx

​​DMV/ Eastern Shore Dominatrix

I am a 39 year old Dominatrix.

Black hair, Blue eyes, pale skin, tattoos and piercings, 38c bra, size 16 jeans, 48 inch hips.

I get asked this a lot, I am Indigenous of the Siksika First Nation, Dutch, German and Scottish. 

I am an Aries.

  I am constantly evolving and find sexuality attractive, not gender.

I do tend to be more corporal but I do not lack nurturing and care.

I am a true sadist and crave to punish.

I have been into BDSM since I was 17, over the years I have grown in my knowledge. I took a long time to grow within myself, to find myself, I know what I want and how to get it.

My fetish list is as follows and has been taken directly from my fet profile.

Into: aftercare (giving), aftercare cuddles (giving), age play (giving), anal (watching), anal beads (giving), anal sex (watching), ball gags (watching others wear), ball kicking (giving), ball stretching (giving), bare bottom spanking (giving), barefoot (wearing), bathroom use control (giving), bdsm (everything to do with it), begging (receiving), behavior modification (giving), belt spanking (giving), blindfolds (watching others wear), body paint (everything to do with it), bondage (giving), bondage tape (giving), boot licking (receiving), boot worship (receiving), breast bondage (giving), breast spanking (giving), breast whipping (giving), breast/nipple play (giving), breasts (receiving), bullwhips (giving), butt plugs (giving), caging/confinement (watching), candle wax (giving), caning (giving), cock and ball torture (giving), collar and lead/leash (giving), collars (watching others wear), corporal punishment (giving), costumes/dressing-up (watching others wear), cross-dressing (watching others wear), discipline (giving), doctor/nurse play (giving), domination (giving), edge play (giving), edging (watching), eye contact restrictions (giving), face slapping (giving), fishnets (wearing), flogging (giving), foot massage (receiving), foot/feet (giving), hair pulling (giving), handcuffs (giving), high heels (wearing), humiliation (giving), impact play (giving), kicking (giving), leather (wearing), master/slave (giving), nipples (giving), obedience training (giving), oral sex (watching), ordered to masturbate (giving), orgasm control (giving), orgasm denial (giving), pain (giving), pantyhose/stockings (wearing), pinching (giving), restraints (giving), role play (giving), slavery (receiving), spanking (giving), submission (receiving), talking dirty (giving), tattoos (everything to do with it), teasing (giving), tickling (giving), toes and feet (giving), toys (giving), verbal humiliation and degradation (giving), watersports (watching), whips (giving).

I am not looking for a relationship, I have a very supportive partner, who respects my place in the community and what I do.

I am always looking for a long-term submissive to collar, the only way to do that is to session with me regularly and build a trusting relationship. 

I am a lover of red wine, especially Pinot Noir and Zinfandel.

I am an animal lover, I believe they tell a lot about a persons soul.

I hate the color pink and love black.

I adore horror movies and anything to do with Halloween and the Macabre.

Some other things I enjoy are Dunkin Donuts coffee, Chinese food, getting tattoo's, new toys to play with, sunflowers, the snow, the smell of storms, foot rubs and pedicures, music, the beach and ocean, the mountains, car rides and frogs.

Hard Limits



some Waterworks

blood play

menstrual blood

toilet training



pussy worship 

I do not, have not, never will.. provide escort services or a girlfriend/wife service. I offer zero nudity in sessions, no nude photos, video's or sessions. If you want to see T&A - Google it!

I am a Professional Dominatrix which is in no way aligned with any sort of prostitution.