Temptress Nyx

​​DMV/ Eastern Shore Dominatrix


First things first, you will address me as Mistress. Understand that my time is valuable and that I am very busy. Do not send me multiple messages, back to back phone calls or spam me, I will just block you. I will return your phone calls, Dm's and emails as soon as possible so please be respectful. Understand that every minute you get to spend talking, writing or spending with me is a privilege and you should treat it as such.

During our session I expect full submission and I will have complete control. I do not take kindly to untrained or bratty subs, even playfully it is not my favorite and highly annoying. I also expect full honesty and trust from my submissive at all times. I expect to be spoiled, thanked and to be praised as a gracious Mistress by my submissive.

Never under any circumstance are you to be intoxicated, under the influence or buzzed of any kind during our time together. What you do for the most of it, in your free time is your own business, especially if I am not your official or exclusive Mistress. However when we are talking, texting, in session, on a web session or a call I expect you to be clear headed, fully alert and sober.


Before your time with me is officially reserved I require a few things and have

rules that MUST be abided by. ITS ADVISED THAT YOU READ THIS IN FULL!!!

1. Send me an email outlining your areas of interest, date(s) you are available to session as well as the length of time you would like to reserve. See more about what should be included in your email on the “contact” tab.

2. Provide your deposit. It’s that simple. Nothing will be confirmed until your session deposit comes though.

3. I prefer not to session with anyone under the age of 25. Young subs tend to try to “top from the bottom” and I am absolutely not interest in that.

4. If at any time I begin to feel uncomfortable or displeased I reserve the right to shut the session down immediately. You will not be refunded and you likely will be “black balled” in the BDSM community.

5. If you no call, no show your deposit will be forfeited and you will still be responsible for your full tribute amount. If you fail to provide the remainder of your full tribute. You will loose the opportunity to ever see me in the future and you will likely be “black balled” in the BDSM community.

6. Listen, I get it. Things come up, people get sick and plans change! So in the event that you need to cancel or postpone your appointment. I require a minimum of 4 hours notice. Email, text me or call me. If you call me with at least 4 hour notice; you will have 2 weeks to rebook before you loose that deposit completely.

7. In the unlikely event that I NEED to cancel or postpone our session then again, your deposit will be valid for the following 2 weeks.

8. Directions to my dungeon will be given once your deposit is made and your session is confirmed. DO NOT ask for that information prior.

9. Do not make me ask for my tribute. I would prefer your remaining tribute to be brought in cash and placed on the table prior to beginning our session.

10. DO NOT ASK ME TO EXPOSE MYSELF IN ANY WAY. This will get you kicked out and blacklisted. If you want to see titles - Google them.

11. There will be a safe word that I will provide you at the beginning of our session.

12. DO NOT SHOW UP TO THE SPACE INTOXICATED, UNDER THE INFLUENCE, UNCLEAN OR IN ANY CLOTHING THAT WILL RAISE ALARMS. You may change in to your preferred garments (or nothing at all) once our session has officially begun.

13. Our time will begin with a brief chat about you and our session. This will give me some further insight about you and your expectations pertaining to our time together. From there we will begin our session and you will assume “first position” which is on your knees with your head down as you await further instructions.

14. Finally discretion is paramount. I want all of my subs to feel safe and know that I will never discuss our sessions with anyone else, unless it has been specifically talked about and you agree to allow me to share some details (with discretion.) In return, I expect the same from my subs. If I find out you have disclosed my location, discussed our session or disclosed anything personal about me that was shared in confidence you will be black listed.